In this pyramid I have combined the perfect combination of crystals, delphinium flower petals and minerals to help deal with stress , anxiety an sleep disorders .


It will help calm the mind and body by balancing the crown chakra bring about a much more calm and peaceful mind.


This will also help protect against the dangerous frequencies emitted from wifi, laptops and mobile phones etc !


Amethyst helps with –


  • Stress and anxiety and calms the mind and body
  • Nourishing the nervous system
  • Protection psychic attack
  • Combatting lectromagnetic stress
  • Combatting nightmares and sleep disorders


Delphinium flowers help with-


  • Bringing good luck
  • They symbolize truth
  • They are known to protect
  • Help you reach your goals and give your drive to achieve
  • Opening you to new emotions and feelings in a romantic sense