I have combined the perfect crystals to help with courage,confidence and leadership!


This will also help protect against the dangerous frequencies emitted from wifi, laptops and mobile phones etc !


Honey Calcite may help with –


  • Recovering from abuse situations
  • Manifestation and abundance
  • Confidence.courage, leadership and responsibility
  • New learning and all types of developing skills
  • Harnessing your own personal power and directing and focusing your energy
  • Helps activating the root, solar plexus and third eye chakra


24ct may help with –


  • Purification and balancing of the heart chakra
  • attracting more wealth due to the monatomic number of gold
  • Rebuilding the nervous system and elps with tension and stress


Shungite may help with -


  • Shielding from harmful electromagnetic frequency's from cell phones, computers and wifi etc including 5g, 4g and 3g !
  • Protection against negative energies and good for psychic protection
  • Evolving spiritually
  • Healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual
  • Growth and transformation
  • Increasing personal power
  • Clearing and balancing the aura and chakras
  • Grounding energies to the earth
  • Boosting energy
  • Increasing personal power
  • Restores emotional balance and you will feel a lot more positive


Magnetite may help with –


  • Respiratory, asthma and breathing issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Good luck and abundance
  • Stability, strength and grounding
  • Circulatory system, aches, pains and is amazing for recovery
  • Releasing anger
  • Attracting love


  • Pyrite may help with-


  • Bringing wealth and success into your life
  • Respiratory and breathing issues
  • Protection and helps deal with pollutants
  • Resetting the brain for new thinking
  • Protection from negative